Aaron’s Poetic Tribute

Aaron Mendelson
Nephew of Winifred Brown


I said, Wini!
Just the name signifies style!
I said, Wini!
Brothah, can you last the mile,
With this jazzin’, high classin’, razzmatazzin’ lady,
She’s a satin doll!

If you can’t keep still, you can share a thrill
with this high steppin’ lady.
But if you can’t keep time or don’t give a dime,
her energy will drive you crazy.
Man, she’ll just shuckadoo you, man you’ll be so blue
You got read to filth by a Brown,
And if you can’t stand her music, well, you’re gonna lose it,
And then you’ll have to leave town.

I said, Wini!
Her first name is word jazz!
Cause she’s a walkin’, talkin’, rockin’, sockin’,
Lady with razzamatazz!

By Aaron Mendelson
© 2017